Til Then

i fell in love with the way you dream

the way your look under moonlight’s beam

the way your breathing syncs with mine

the way you shudder when I trace your spine.

your heartbeat thundering even in your sleep

your slumber intense and dark and deep.

even when you murmur and toss and turn

when your dreams turn murky and begin to churn

the beginning of a nightmare clawing its way to the light

the cobwebs of sleep holding you fast and tight.

and still I will watch and still I will listen

wiping away the beads of sweat that start to glisten

when the shadows come and your scream drowns my whisper

when you eyes snap open and you begin to shiver.

i’m here, my darling, don’t you be afraid

i’ll be here while the bad dreams fade.

but when you wake up and surface from the confusion

you will then find out I was all an illusion.

image sourced from Tumblr


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