Hey everyone! So these are the photos from last summer’s misadventure in Intramuros. Next to Chinatown, it’s one of the places that I love visiting the most. 

Intramuros, which is Latin for “within the walls,” is a walled city. It is the oldest, most historic district of Manila. During the time of Spanish reign here in my country, this was the seat capital and the seat of the government. Today, it is a heritage site, home to many historical churches, museums, statues and the like. There are also many souvenir shops, restaurants, and book stores inside.

Photos taken by yours truly + Max (my Canon 60D). I hope you enjoy them!

The first museum we explored.

Last Supper painting from the San Augustin church museum. I didn’t notice that photos are not allowed haha! That’s why I only have a few photos of the place.

The newly renovated second floor! I love the ambiance.

Photo taken from the courtyard of Casa Manila.

The world-famous bamboo pipe organ. I was itching to play it – I was imagining myself playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor – but of course I couldn’t really touch it. Sad Jen is sad.

Look, we found Squirtle!

Some figurines from the museum’s gift shop.

I bumped into this umbrella stand and was so flustered that I apologized. Haha! Can you blame me? He looks like a real person!

You can also take a tour of Intramous via biking. You can sign up for one of the bike tours at Bambike Revolution Cycles. It should be fun! (Too bad I don’t know how to ride a bike)

Very patriotic. 

I wonder what’s so heroic about this? (Bayani means hero in Filipino language) But it tastes good, just like unsweetened lemonade!

More photos from the San Augustin Church Museum.

An adorable gargoyle that somehow resembles a pug.

You may have noticed that I love taking pictures of hallways and doorways. I also like interesting doors.

Aaaand the “Creepiest Statue of the Year” Award goes to…

Creepy statues of whoever these people are.

I’ll say one thing, though – Catholic churches are beautiful!

So those are some of the photos! Haha. We walked around a lot that day – we even went to Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (I’m planning to transfer to their law school, if Ateneo law school is too far for me) and the golf course on the other side of Intramuros, plus various shops and stores. I don’t have photos of those places, but next time I’ll make sure to document everything. 🙂

It was a fun experience being a tourist (even if only in my own country) and I will definitely make sure to get lost again next time. Stay tuned for the next day trip/misadventure and thank you for reading!



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