I spent one lovely weekend in Subic, and I miss it already. 

We booked a pretty villa entwined with vines, and I enjoyed being inside the suite as much as I loved staying by the beach. It was quiet and uncrowded, perfect for people who want to be alone.

We spent the day in Ocean Adventure where we got to visit aquariums full of fish, jellyfish, sea urchins, and my favourite – sharks. We watched a sea lion show and a dolphin show. We were entertained by talented jugglers, attended A Walk on the Wild Side (news: the bear cat is now a huge creature. It used to be so small!) and enjoyed a highly acrobatic performance by Kenyan dancers. We got to swim with dolphins, touch snakes, and receive wet kisses from huge sea lions.

The beach was gloomy and deserted, just the way I like it. The breeze was salty and calming and wonderful, the sun mild on my back, the sand warm beneath my toes. It was perfect.

Here are some of my weekend photos. I only used my phone to take them, and post-processed them with MTXX. I hope you enjoy viewing them. 🙂

I am now back at home, and I can’t help feeling homesick for the sea. But that’s fine – in a few days, I’ll be heading off for another adventure anyway.

Thank you for dropping by!



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