Corregidor Island

Hello! Thanks for dropping by.Β This is yet another photo blog – this time, with my photos from Corregidor Island. This was quite an eventful trip because I sprained my wrist, took a tumble down some ruins (which we were strictly instructed NOT to climb) and made some new friends.

I won’t be writing much, but please enjoy the photos!

Here’s where we disembarked.

Here are the shuttle buses. I quickly nabbed a window seat so I could take good pictures.

Our first glimpse of the resort.

Some monuments for Philippine heroes.

Some souvenir shops…

And Gatorade! It was a very hot day so this was a lifesaver, even though I had to pay Php 90.00 (?!?!) for it.

Japanese memorial shrines and some cannons.

And after that, we stopped for lunch at La Playa. The food was pretty good!

Can you see me in the mirror? I’m already sunburned! Haha.

Back on the shuttle for the second half of the tour~

(This is where I fell)

Le tour guide~

Meanwhile, at the Light House…

We visited the War Memorial before heading to the museum.

Aaaaaaah I’m so sunburned! I hid my face because my cheeks were so red. The sun hates ma hahaha.

Look at how burned I am =_=

This was the very first Catholic church I voluntarily entered. It was a bit creepy inside – very solemn and silent. I had to go in because it was so sunny, so I didn’t mind.

Aaaand that’s it! It was a fun experience, and I would love to visit the island again. Thank you for viewing my blog post, and I hope you enjoyed my photos.

Taken with Canon EOS 60D and post-processed with Meitu XiuXiu.

Thanks for visiting!



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