Caramoan Island

Apparently, I haven’t gotten around to posting my photographs from Caramoan Island haha. My family and I went  here for Halloween last year (because that’s what we do during Halloween, we take weekend trips).

Last year, my family decided on an uninhabited island! It doesn’t sound fun, but it actually was. It was a beautiful place and I was extra grateful for the stormy weather. It must have been the first time I’ve been to the beach without getting a sunburn, haha.

Little Brother Number One being inseparable with his Canon haha.

And the city lights at night. It was nice to be far from civilization for a change.

So yeah, those are just some of the pics from my phone – I have more from my DSLR. I promise I’ll post the others if a) I do not forget and b) I have the time.

I hope you’ll have a nice week ahead! Thank you for visiting.



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