Help Me…

I just contracted a severe food-borne illness from eating a ton of raw beef. Which was supposed to be for Korean barbecue. For 6 people. Yes, I’m a glutton. But hey,  I’m underweight, I need all the food I can get.

Plus, raw meat tastes so good. Why doesn’t cooked meat taste as nice?

Anyway, I’ve been throwing up violently for several hours now and my insides are cramped like hell. I feel nauseous and dizzy and for some reason, I remembered my poor old blog and how much I’ve been neglecting it. So here I am, dropping off a post.

I really need to start blogging again.

*covers mouth*

Gotta run. I will never eat raw beef again!

Becoming Minimalist Day 2: What Exactly Am I Getting Myself Into?

Hello, everyone! I knew I said I’d be back after a few days, but life happened and I was unable to make good of my promise. And I think I probably should stop making concrete assumptions as to when I’d be back again, because well, as you can see it’s out of my control.

Anyway, how has everybody been? I’ve been having a pretty good week so far. I had muay Thai sessions with my cousin Thea, cuddle time with my boyfriend, and I’ve been catching up on anime and TV series. Naruto Shippuuden’s new episodes are so good, especially Shikamaru’s parts! As for the TV series, I’ve been watching Lucifer, Pure Genius, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, and Criminal Minds : Beyond Borders.

Speaking of muay Thai, i was so exhausted afterwards that I promptly became sick. Gah. I should either up my resistance by exercising more, or tone back on the physical activity…I think I’ll just exercise more! It’s fun, and I get to work out all my rage issues in a non-harmful way.

Last time, I told you guys I’d tell you all about the basics of minimalism. I’m about to get into it now, so get yourself a snack or something to drink, settle back, and read on.

Have fun!

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism covers a lot of ground. It can be design/architecture, an art style, or a literary technique. It can also be a lifestyle. According to the website Becoming MinimalistMinimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it.

A quote from Vironika Tugaleva says, “Our culture has bred consumers and addicts. We eat too much, buy too much, and want too much. We set ourselves on the fruitless mission of filling the gaping hole within us with material things. Blindly, we consume more and more, believing we are hungry for more food, status or money, yet really we are hungry for connection.”

Take a second to think. Do you really need EVERYTHING you own? Do you love each and every item you possess, or are they draining your focus, your resources, your energy? Do you even remember all of them? Yeah. You don’t.

Why Did I Choose Minimalism?

There are few things that I’m passionate about, but if I were forced to name them, they’re the following: environmentalism, anti-materialism, and conscious consumption.

The opposite of minimalism is excess, which is hard to escape from today. Our whole lives are controlled by materialism. Over-consumption is hurting not only the environment, but also ourselves. Although it’s true that being a minimalist doesn’t mean consuming nothing, it’s also true that you will HAVE to be more mindful of your consumption. You can’t own as much stuff as you used to, so you’ll be forced to evaluate each purchase and each item you choose to keep.

Even my Instagram is taking on a minimalist theme! 🙂

A relative of mine criticized me when I explained the above. She said that anti-consumption and being frugal was bad for the economy. I countered by saying that the economy will be fine, it’s flexible and will be able to adjust. As long as enough consumers start buying things that have less of an environmental impact, the supply will slowly transition to producing less of cheap, single-use, easily destroyed items.

After all, isn’t is far better to support your local economy? For example, it’s better to buy in-season fresh produce locally from a farmer’s market, instead of a bag of frozen veggies from the supermarket. I find that today’s modern business and economic systems are largely based on greed. Large-scale manufacturers have no regard whatsoever for the environment or ethical costs, so why should you support them?

That’s not the only reason why I find minimalism such a good idea. As I’ve mentioned above, I love nature and the environment, and I try to live an environment-friendly lifestyle. This includes trying to minimize waste and being aware of the products I choose to buy. Plus, not buying things all the time helps the environment by reducing the demand, and therefore reducing waste and resources!

Committing myself to minimalism means that I choose to live simply, with only a few possessions. Living with only the bare minimum really throws all your stuff in a new perspective. You’ll be forced to reuse and recycle, to buy nicer things that will last longer compared to cheap and flimsy items, and keeping only the things that you love. Look at it this way – would you rather be surrounded by a lot of crap you don’t care about, or a few things that you absolutely love?

Being intentional with your purchases reduces your personal impact on the environment more than you know.

Philosophically, minimalism implies that intangible things are more important than material objects. Personally, I have found that I enjoyed my life more when I spent money on travel, experiences and people I love than mindless shopping. Also, less shopping means less possessions. That will reduce the time you need for maintenance and upkeep, resulting in more time to pursue your interests. Less possession = less distractions. Win!

Minimalism is not a be-all, end-all to magically alleviate the stress from your life. That being said, it IS very helpful, especially if you’re a stressed-out person who has to make lots of choices on a daily basis. When done properly, it can weed out a significant amount of stressors in your life, such as what to wear, what to eat, how clean your house is, etc. And as you settle into a minimalist lifestyle, you’ll find that you will have to worry about insignificant things less, and focus more on what’s important to you.

And that, my friends, is a pretty sweet deal.

BONUS: Some resources to get you started!

Becoming Minimalist


BRB, Currently Dying from Influenza (just kidding)

*written Friday, 1-20-2017*

Hey guys! I’m back…after a couple of unexpected trips for work and an even more unexpected illness. I had influenza AND a sinus infection and I was literally withering away for the past week. Now I feel a bit better, which means I don’t feel like dying – or murdering people – anymore.

*coughs dramatically*

Anyway, I’m a person who CAN’T stay still at home. As soon as I realized that I don’t feel dizzy anymore every time I stood up and I don’t puke my guts out every couple hours or so, I headed out. And here I am!

“Here” means a café pretty near home. Still, it’s the outside! With people! Where I can hear other things aside from the echoing of my own coughing, which was depressing as fuck. I’m developing a slight headache, meaning I have to head home pretty soon, but for now I will stay here and draft this post. It probably won’t get posted until next week, but whatever. At least I got a head start!

I know I have another post scheduled, but I’m feeling chatty right now so this will have to do. Deal with it! It’s not every day I voluntarily talk to people, after all. 😛

I’ve had a not-very-anti-consumerist morning, which is now starting to make me feel bad about myself. First of all, to celebrate my taste buds returning to active duty and the cease of my appetite from its self-imposed hiatus, I went to McDonalds. Ordered chicken, fries, apple pie, Coke Zero. Not very pre-diabetic friendly, but I wanted to eat!

Yeah, well, I managed to finish exactly ¼ of my food. I tried to force myself to eat, but it was either force-feed myself or puke, so I just left. Food wasted. Damn it, Jen!

On the other hand, at least I didn’t indulge too much in carbs because if I did, my doctor will have a field day giving me his predictions of my impending diabetes-filled doom.

I then went to the mall. I ended up with a microwaveable lunch container, a mesh laundry bag, a black wallet, a bottle of black hair dye, a spill-proof glass bottle, and a tablet sleeve with a keyboard.

Before you start laughing at me and accusing me of not staying true to my anti-consumption principles, let me defend myself:

The lunch box and water bottle will allow me to bring lunch to work. I won’t have to buy from fast food places every day anymore! The water bottle will kick my ‘going out for bubble tea’ habit. I can just bring my own drinks to work.

The laundry bag is self-explanatory, so I won’t even mention that. The wallet is a plain and minimalist one, and I intend to keep it simple and clean and not crammed with cards and receipts like my previous one. The black hair dye is because I want black hair again but I’m too lazy to return to my regular hair place (hi, David’s Salon in Walter Mart).

The keyboard and sleeve is for the purpose of minimizing my gadgets! I posted this photo on IG last week explaining my intentions of digital and electronic minimalism. I travel a lot, so instead of bringing multiple gadgets with me, I’ll be smart and bring only my tablet! That way, I can get my work stuff done AND play games.


I recommend getting a dual-boot tablet for this purpose, so you can use either Window or Android operating systems to suit your needs. Instead of bringing a tablet and laptop with its battery packs and cords, etc., when I travel I can now pack lighter and just bring my tablet.

So what is the point of this post, you might ask?

I think my minimalism journey is more about my penchant for efficiency. The more I downsize, the more I discover that I don’t really need as much stuff to survive. I can either find something to suit multiple purposes or simply just do without. And the more I’m realizing this, the more consumerist baggage I shed, the happier I feel.

I’m still so new to this whole thing, but I’m sure that I’m getting it right, one step at a time. 🙂

Becoming Minimalist Day 1: Why I Chose Minimalism

Have you ever looked around your house or room or even your desk at work and thought, how the hell did I end up with so much stuff?

That was me, almost every day.

I honestly don’t know how this downward spiral began. I guess I’m not as horrible as I think I am, since as a kid I read books like Walden and the Gospel According to Larry series. That helped me from making mindless purchases, but that still didn’t stop me from stocking up on useless crap.


I used to walk into my room and hit my shins on bins of clothes that couldn’t fit into my closet (and I had THREE full-sized closets at home…not counting the clothes I have at my cousin’s house, where I stay when I’m working). I would trip on the extra pairs of shoes that I owned. I would take FOREVER to find something I was looking for, simply because my room was cluttered with so much stuff.

One day, I was late for work because I couldn’t find my ID. I was digging through my work bag and couldn’t find it, so I dug through another bag, and another, and another…

That was when I realized that I had a huge problem.

I had too much stuff!

I sat there on my bed (strewn with clothes and notebooks and God knows what) and did some hard thinking. I didn’t need all the crap that I owned, and all this extraneous items laying around were actually hindering me rather than helping me. Why did I even keep them around? I didn’t even like half of what I own!

That’s when I hit Reddit and started looking for resources on how to downgrade. That, in turn, led me to YouTube, then to books and sites that helped me learn about minimalism.

And today, here we are! I have downsized my belongings to almost half, and I’m not done yet! I’m only starting, but already I feel less stressed and so much lighter.

Related image

I feel so good now that I’ve let go of most of my material possessions that it’s inspired me to dig deeper and learn more about minimalism! And this blog series that I’m starting will help me document my progress. If you learn a thing or two while reading it, that’s great. And if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them below!

Today is just a getting-to-know-post to explain how I got into the lifestyle. Tomorrow I will give an brief introduction about minimalism, explain more about it, and link some of the resources I found helpful when I was starting out. But for now, I have to go. Thanks for reading!


New Year, New Life!

Hey guys, I’m back! You didn’t think I’ve actually forgotten about you, right? I’ve been pretty bad with time management these last few months, but I’m happy to announce that I’ve gotten my life reined in and have dedicated an hour a day to write here! I won’t actually post every day, but I should be able to post once a week. 🙂

First of all, I want to greet all of you a very happy new year! I hope 2016 has been an awesome  year for you, and I further hope that the coming 2017 will be even greater. If last year hasn’t been in tip-top shape for you, well now you have a brand-new 12 months ahead to get your shit together and have an amazing time.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been undergoing a major lifestyle change – mostly focusing on minimalism, anti-consumerism, and caring for the environment. I know I haven’t been the most environment-conscious person in the past, but now I’m learning a lot about it and have decided to change the direction of my blog to document my personal growth!

This means that I’m going to blog mostly about my journey into minimalism. I hope you’re still with me, but if you decide you don’t like the change in my post themes, that’s fine and feel free to unfollow. 🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
In case you’ve missed seeing me, haha!

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say! I’ll be posting my first Becoming Minimalist segment after New Year. I hope you’ll stick around to read it!


xoxo, Jen


Hey guys!

OMG I feel so bad. I haven’t been online in so long! I hope you don’t feel as if I’ve neglected you all, it’s just my life has been so incredibly busy that I can barely manage to squeeze time to write on here.

Anyway, I’m back now. Thanks for dropping by, and see you all really soon!

So For the Last Few Weeks…

Sorry for the delay, guys! It’s actually understandable on my part because I’ve been steamrollered by work lately, but I’m back with an update! I hope everyone’s been happy and healthy and safe!

It’s rainy season here in the Philippines, so I’ve been inflicted with influenza and colds a lot. I’m feeling a bit better by now, but I’m still sniffly and under the weather. I’ll be better soon, though!

Anyway, here’s a little photo blog of why I’ve been so busy!

Travel Updates~

Calamba, Laguna

I facilitated a seminar-workshop here for campus journalists! We held it in a resort and my boyfriend visited me every day to help out, which was nice.  The seminar was a success and it was my first big project this year, so I’m happy!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

San Juan, La Union

This is the surfing capital of the Philippines, and I’m glad to be back! We stayed in my favorite resort. We were actually there for another seminar/conference, this time for NSTP educators and implementers from Region I, but we had a lot of free time to swim and roam around, too.

2016-07-26 10.17.42 22016-07-26 10.17.40 22016-07-27 01.40.44 22016-07-26 10.17.39 12016-07-26 10.17.38 12016-07-26 10.17.35 12016-07-26 08.19.06 22016-07-26 08.19.04 22016-07-26 08.19.02 22016-07-26 08.19.01 12016-07-26 08.09.47 12016-07-25 02.20.01 12016-07-27 10.35.59 1

I was particularly happy because I got to buy a lot of raw and organic honey!

Poro Point

One of the places we visited! I was pretty determined to go to the lighthouse, but while we were walking towards it, it seemed to get farther and farther away…I eventually gave up HAHA. The area isn’t completely developed yet so there’s nothing to see, but there’s potential. It can become a beachwalk/embarcadero-style area pretty soon! I hope it’s finished when I come back.

Thunderbird Hotel and Resort

Another resort that I love because it looks like Sicily! I prefer their Rizal-area resort better, but this is pretty much the same too.

2016-07-27 05.33.19 1

Vineyard Visits and Grape Picking

I love grapes! I can’t eat them as much anymore (more about this on my personal updates section) but it was nice to go there nevertheless.  We went on a warm and sunny day and bought boxes and boxes of grapes that we handpicked ourselves!




2016-08-04 12.53.09 12016-08-04 12.58.10 12016-08-04 12.58.13 12016-08-04 12.58.15 1

Personal Updates~

I guess that’s it for my travel updates! There are more to come, but for now let’s talk on a more personal level. There are a few changes right now, and I think they’re for the better. First off is that I’ve started a ketogenic diet!  This means I can’t eat carbs anymore, which also excludes fruit. I can eat a little, but I can’t go over my carb limit. It’s difficult because I love fruit, but this diet is actually making me feel a lot better. I can still eat avocados and steak and sashimi at least!

I’ve also incorporated a Korean skincare regimen because now that I’m done with Prednisone, I’m not breaking out anymore.  I just have to deal with PIH and freckles now, and this routine is helping! I didn’t adopt the whole 10-step routine, but a basic program that looks like this: honey mask > hydrating cleanser > hydrating toner > eye cream > sunscreen moisturizer in the morning, snail mucin repair cream in the evening. On weekends I exfoliate and put on sheet masks.

There are also some developments in school and career. I’m going to start attending law school again in October, so I’m trying to prep up for that by reading my textbooks and codals.  As for work, I’ve sent applications to the Department of Justice because they have an open position. We’ll see how it goes! I love what I do for work, but once I start school again, I can’t really travel constantly so I think I need a more stable job that keeps me on ground zero.

Twinnie Updates~

My boyfriend and I been visiting each other and spending time a lot! We had dates, attended my niece’s birthday party, and attended his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It’s nice that we’re starting to meet each other’s families, because it was something I actively avoided in previous relationships HAHAHA.


We’ve also been working out. JM wants to bulk up while I want to regain my former 99-pound physique. After working out, we do our skincare routine.  We call it our honeybee time because, well, of the honey masks.  When we’re not together, we still do it while on the phone. It’s sweet (also literally haha) and helps us feel close even when we’re apart!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

2016-07-07 04.54.02 1

2016-07-07 04.53.09 1


His birthday is coming right up, and I can’t wait to spend it with him.  I guess my next post will be around that time then!

Wow, this was long. I promise I won’t inflict such a mercilessly long post on you again HAHAHA. But still, thank you for reading!  Have a nice week ahead, and be nice to each other. I’m going to be leaving again tomorrow, but I’ll be back with another post soon!

Thanks for dropping by!